Thursday, January 30, 2020

The Importance of Reading Essay Example for Free

The Importance of Reading Essay People are living in a world where new technological advances have replaced the desire to read. Reading, in my opinion, has become less important to many adults and children. Some children and teenagers prefer to watch a movie or playing video games instead of reading a book. Some adults prefer to watch television than to read a good novel. Reading, in some people’s agenda, is not as important as it used to be like in the early 1900’s. To some people watching a movie or basketball game on television is more important than reading a book. It is a well-known fact that when there were no televisions or computers, reading was a primary leisure activity. People would spend hours reading books and travel to lands far away-in their minds. The only tragedy is that, with time, people have lost their skill and passion to read. There are many other exciting and thrilling options available, aside from books. And that is a shame because reading offers a productive approach to improving vocabulary and word power. It is advisable to indulge in at least half an hour of reading a day to keep abreast of the various styles of writing and new vocabulary. It is observed that children and teenagers who love reading have comparatively higher IQs. They are more creative and do better in school and college. It is recommended that parents to inculcate the importance of reading to their children in the early years. Reading is said to significantly help in developing vocabulary, and reading aloud helps to build a strong emotional bond between parents and children. The children who start reading from an early age are observed to have good language skills, and they grasp the variances in phonics much better. Reading helps in mental development and is known to stimulate the muscles of the eyes. Reading is an activity that involves greater levels of concentration and adds to the conversational skills of the reader. It is an indulgence that enhances the knowledge acquired, consistently. The habit of reading also helps readers to decipher new words and phrases that they come across in everyday conversations. The habit can become a healthy addiction and adds to the information available on various topics. I personally love to read, I could say it’s my hobby but its more than that I could stay up all night just to finish a book I’m reading, and once I open a book I cant close it. I really don’t care what the book is about or of what genre it is if it’s interesting I wont stop reading until I finish it. I think of reading as a way to escape from everything, travelling to another time or place even to another world. Once you get into the story you’ll never want to get out. Some people even imagine they are one of the characters from the story, I’m not one of them but I do imagine as if I’m there just watching everything, I imagine every single detail, the characters features, the setting, even the most minimum detail as a necklace one of the characters is using, you actually feel every emotion the characters feel and you can actually fall in love with them. Everyone deep inside is a reader; they just haven’t found the right book.

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