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social engineering Essay - 482 Words

Pedophilia in short is the desire of an adult for sexual contact with children. Pedophiles have been known to molest children only hours after being released from a lengthy prison sentence. In some instances, they kill their victims in order to cover up their crimes. Over the years, society has implemented many attempts to contain pedophilia including such measures as incarceration, therapy, and even castration. Few of these have proven successful. Pedophilia poses an alarming problem for society, particularly the children who are the victims of the sexual abuse. According to Bertrand (2005) â€Å"In the United States, up to 500,000 cases are reported each year, and many more go unreported. In 1990, this crime cost over $2 billion -- and this†¦show more content†¦All too often a pedophile or sex offender gets off with a slap on the wrist. This then gives them ample time to focus on other victims. Why as a society should we let these predators have their way with more childr en? Adult sexual predators who would put the lives of innocent children at risk to satisfy their deviant sexual needs must know that they will pay a heavy price. This is why I would propose a one strike, and you’re out law for the first conviction of raping, or molesting a child with a mandatory life sentence without parole. If the attacker has also killed his victim, then the death penalty will automatically be added in those states where it is allowed. Social Engineering 3 A pedophile is an individual with intense, reoccurring sexual fantasies, and urges involving young children. To act on these urges, to make them reality, is truly sick in nature. A pedophile is similar to a disease. He works quietly, and his attendance becomes known only by the destruction he leaves. Pedophiles violate the most vulnerable members of our society. They steal their innocence, and leave scars that will last a lifetime. I propose mandatory life-sentences for these pedophiles, as this is the same sentence they have given to their victims. Releasing a child predator upon society to destroy more innocent lives is wrong and needs to be stopped. Every child, in every society, has the right to grow up in anShow MoreRelatedSocial Engineering2447 Words   |  10 PagesIdentity Theft: Social Engineering December 5, 2011 Daniel Sama amp; Stacey Smith Sr Computer Ethics CIS-324, Fall 2011 Strayer University Identity Theft: Social Engineering December 5, 2011 Daniel Sama amp; Stacey Smith Sr Computer Ethics CIS-324, Fall 2011 Strayer University Abstract Social Engineering from the outset may seem like a topic one might hear when talking about sociology or psychology, when in fact it is a form of identity theft. To an information technology (IT)Read MoreSocial Engineering : A Form Of Identity Theft2321 Words   |  10 PagesAbstract Social Engineering from the outset may seem like a topic one might hear when talking about sociology or psychology, when in fact it is a form of identity theft. To an information technology (IT) professional, Social Engineering is a form of voluntary, unintentional identity theft. Many victims fail to realize they are being victimized until it is too late, while many others may never know. This paper will provide a definition of social engineering as it applies to information technologyRead MoreSocial Engineering And Part Of The History1224 Words   |  5 Pages Social Engineering Abdulelah Almubarak March 24, 17 IASC-1100 In this paper the discussion goes around the main definition of social engineering and part of the history of social engineering. Some places where social engineering could be applied and who gets benefits out of it. These days we use social engineering a little bit differently where social engineering can help many companies protect themselves from hackers. Social engineering is a mix of science, psychology andRead MoreEngineers And Social Responsibility : Engineering Profession1377 Words   |  6 PagesEngineers and Social Responsibility All professionals must act ethically. Engineering profession, as well as other occupations, found the need to abide by the code of ethics to regulate their practice to only those services that are good for the society. Therefore, codes of ethics are procedures that guide any professional. More so, the codes of ethic are vital in keeping individuals in any profession to what is required. In addition, ethical codes and guidelines help to determine the practices justifiedRead MoreThe Social Of Social Engineering Essay1304 Words   |  6 Pagessecurity hence, social engineering thrives under these circumstances. Social engineering in this context, emphasizes the apparent relationship between human social behavior and information technology and specifically. Human habits dictate and indicate the level of information security. This will be the basis of discussion of social engineering in this paper. This paper will endeavor to examine the definition of social engineering, methods of social engineering, impacts of social engineering on societyRead MoreSocial Media For Software Engineering1635 Words   |  7 PagesSocial Media for Software Engineering Social media has changed the way that people collaborate and share information. Over the past decade, researchers have given increased attention to the social aspects of software engineering, both to test hypotheses and to create tools to improve practice (e.g. team awareness tools about software development . INTRODUCTION Over the past 10 years, researchers have offered improved interest towards social aspects of software application engineering, equally toRead MoreSocial Media For Software Engineering1907 Words   |  8 Pages Social Media for Software Engineering by Raj Sindhuri Banala – 700614069 [University of Central Missouri] CIS 4655 – SOFTWARE ENGINEERING, Silvana Faja November 14, 2014 Email id : SOCIAL MEDIA FOR SOFTWARE ENGINEERING ABSTRACT Social media changes the way people participate and share information among themselves. In this paper, I will be highlighting the impact for enabling new ways for software teams to form and work together. Individuals are capable for self-organizingRead MoreThe Social Responsibility Of Engineering1385 Words   |  6 PagesIn a modern society engineering activities including professional, based on scientific knowledge, social responsibility and human-dimension design and operation of technical devices plays an increasingly important role. Modern engineering professionalism involves not only the development of scientific bases of design engineering, but also awareness of the purposes, meanings and engineering problems in general, its place in the culture of the twenty first century. Of great importance is an understandingRead MoreSocial Engineering : Defining It, And The Impacts On Individuals And Society Essay1361 Words   |  6 PagesSocial Engineering: Defining it, Using it, and th e Impacts on Individuals and Society By: Amber Clayton Introduction Social engineering has always been a threat, but has spiked particularly in the last two years. Hackers have increased the ways they can gain valuable information from computer systems before any suspicion arises, most often playing off human error or weakness. There are preventatives measures to take such as a firewall and installing anti-virus protection on a computer system. HoweverRead MoreSocial Science And Remedies For Social Engineering1569 Words   |  7 Pagessecurity system through social engineering. First, I will define social engineering. People have been victims of social engineer throughout time. The first case of social engineering could be argued was the â€Å"Trojan Horse† in ancient times in the Trojan War circa 800 B.C.E. according to Homer’s Iliad ( or Kublai Khan’s invasion of China in 1275 A.D to today’s wire fraud emails. This paper will focus on social engineering and remedies for social engineering. Legend has it that

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